Hog Lice

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The thorax of H. suis is primarily for movement. The three pairs of legs are attached at the thorax. Each leg has large claws for grasping the hair of the host. [1] [5]

Lice may often go unrecognized in a swine herd, even though these parasites are widely distributed among herds in the United States. Lice infestation is often not considered a serious problem, but it may lead to economic losses for the producer. It is important for the producer to watch for signs of lice infestation and to be able to recognize these parasites on swine.

The hog lice ( Haematopinus suis ) is the largest lice species (4 to 6 mm) that infests livestock. It is specific of domestic and wild pigs and occurs worldwide. Its prevalence in a given operation depends mainly on its hygienic and management conditions.

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Pigs can become infected by a number of parasites, including mites and lice. These pests generally cause irritation that can lead to skin infections, but infestations can also cause anemia, restlessness, loss of appetite, and subsequent loss of weight, which can affect livestock sales. Lice can also transmit swine pox, a viral infection which can be fatal. [1] Preventing and treating lice and mite infestations as soon as they occur can help keep your livestock healthy and happy.

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