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An extensive array of weapons is available within the gameplay, with each weapon operating differently. This allows players to take different approaches and sometimes forces a change in tactics depending on the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. Each player will also find a weapon to suit his or her tastes, in terms of power, speed, range, kickback and/or feedback. For example, a player who is suited with sniping might have the Sniper rifle , Beam Rifle ,  DMR , Battle rifle , Covenant Carbine , or Focus Rifle  as their favorite.

Both Covenant and UNSC weapons have been confirmed for Halo 4. A total of ten new weapons will be introduced in Halo 4 along with several from past Halo games. 

The Brute Shot is a Jiralhanae-devised explosive projectile weapon fitted with a razor-sharp, stock-mounted blade. It is intended to terrify as much as it is to kill.

Weak at lon g range, weak at medium range, decent at medium-close and close range. Generally, you'll want to fire off about a half clip and then follow with a melee strike for the quickest kill.

The Halos are massive ringworlds, which feature their own wildlife and weather. The constructs resemble Iain M. Banks ' Orbital concept in shape and design. [1] [2] The structure that Halo: Combat Evolved takes place on was initially to be a hollowed-out planet, but was changed to its ring design later in development; a staff member provided "Halo" as the name for both the ring and the video game after names such as Red Shift were suggested.

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